RenDev is a Belgian network of key independent and complementary experts specialized in Renewable Energies for Development, in relation with electricity grid and off-grid solutions (rural electrification).
RenDev is a platform to exchange expertise on various Renewable Energy fields (mainly solar photovoltaic, wind and hydraulic technologies):

– Innovative concept development
– Power system planning: generation planning, transmission planning, interconnection and demand side management.
– Electrification project design & implementation

• Preparation (feasibility studies, detailed studies …)
• Development (procurement, construction, commissioning, training)
• Execution

RenDev members work worldwide either directly with a contracting authority or as subcontractors of consultancy companies responding to international tenders.
RenDev attaches great importance to meet the local demand or expectations, to the transfer of know-how, to the principles of ethics and to the autonomy of the local communities benefiting from the projects.
The below map indicates the location of some key references for our members the best casino in Australia.


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