On the photo part of the team. From the left to the right Taric de Villers, Vanya Stoyanova, Daniel D’Hoop, Pierre-Antoine Mali



Taric de Villers

Expert in Renewable Energy Technologies & Rural Electrification

After 2 masters in Physics and Energy Management, Taric de Villers started working from 1990 to 2000 with E.N.E., a Belgian Solar PV company, and he acquired an extensive experience in solar technology and rural electrification in Developing Countries. He was in charge of various tasks (R&D with EU-CEC and ESA, PV manufacturing, cost and quality control, engineering, system design and installation, training, accounting, team managing …) and quickly gained in responsibility thanks to his aptitude for integration and adaptation. Thanks to his strong technological, organizational and communication skills, he managed and implemented successfully many turn-key electrification and water pumping projects in remote African and Asian areas.

Since 2001, T. de Villers became, as Consultant, a renewable energy technology expert for rural electrification projects (mainly with solar, hybrids, bio-gasifier and pico-hydro). He has been in charge of many preliminary studies, market assessment, project design, supervision, evaluation and technical assistances in more than 30 countries in Africa and Asia (short and long terms). Training and capacity building of supply chain’s stakeholders and private operators have been an important transversal activity.

Following the market evolution and needs, he became one of the key international experts in off-grid solutions and “green mini-grids” dealing with solar, biomass, hydro, wind and hybrid power systems. Over the last decade, he implemented, managed and monitored several mini-grid projects in Africa and Asia.



Daniel D’Hoop

website: www.powerdev.eu

Expert in energy planning and power networks engineering with twenty five years of experience in power system planning with a special emphasis on transmission planning. In recent years, he participated in various projects on connection of generation to the grid (incl. wind farms and PV systems), interconnection and Demand Side Management.

Involved often in generation planning, with optimization of hydro and thermal subsystems including renewable energy conversion (connection of wind generators) and Demand Side Management, as well as specification of related software.

Experience in Western and Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Africa Main skills: good knowledge of the electric characteristics of transmission and distribution systems and the present market trends, practice of the software models for network planning (including dynamic stability, short circuit and optimal power flows), investment plans and Master Plans.



Pierre-Antoine Mali

website: http://www.greenplug.eu/

Expert in wind projects and rural electrification

P-A Mali works since 2001 as a project engineer in the field of wind power, first in the Belgian office of 3E (2001-2011), then as consultant and founder of GreenPlug.

His field of expertise covers mainly various preparatory studies, the setting up of projects and the assistance in the project management for the design and implementation of wind projects in Europe and Africa, but also other renewable sectors (Solar, biomass, hydro and cogeneration) for decentralized production in rural electrification.



Vanya Stoyanova

Electrical Engineer with a specialization in power supply and power equipment and training in IT and solar energy. She has worked for IMM. SA, a Belgian company specialized in the construction of power plants in Africa (2014-2016) on a project of construction of 9 power plants in Algeria. She has been working since 2016 at PowerDev on grid connection of PV power plants, power network planning for power networks and their interconnection in Africa.

Her experience covers design of LV, MV, HV electrical installations and networks, transmission planning and grid connection of power plants. She worked on the coordination and management of international project for sustainable development and organizational strategies in Madagascar. Working on the grid and generation planning for rural electrification of villages, V. Stoyanova is participating at presentations and in the organization of trainings.





Alain Six

Expert in financing and management of renewable energy projects

After a training in Business Administration and a career with international banks (Citi & BofA) A. Six established in 2002 its own advisory structure for financing and acquisition of assets from renewable energy production. The experience gained naturally led it to create an entity dedicated to investment focusing on the management of medium-sized assets in Europe and West Africa. During his career he worked on numerous cross-border financing transactions and operations for acquisition and disposals of assets on behalf of investors and project developers. His areas of specialization include structuring and financial management of energy production projects in Europe and Africa.