Daniel D’Hoop

Expert in energy planning and power networks engineering

2016 Mauritania: Connection of a PV power plant to the grid of Zouerate, AETS

2015 Kenya: Generation and Transmission Master Plan, Lahmeyer International

2014-2015 Nepal: Transmission Master Plan, AETS-EDF

2012 Djibouti : connection of a 20 MW wind farm to the grid, MWH 

2011-2012 Mauritania: Distribution Master Plan for Nouackchott, GOPA-INTEC

2009-2010 Jordan: Transmission Master Plan update for 2020, AREVA/ALSTOM

2010 France: Criteria limiting the penetration of Renewable Gen., EXPLICIT 

2009 European Commission: Evaluation of EEPR interconnection projects

2008 Albania-Kosovo: Interconnection at 400 kV, DECON

2007 Abu Dhabi:  Battery Storage System within Generation Planning (DECON)


Vanya Stoyanova 

Electrical Engineer

2018-2019 Benin: Network Planning for Maximizing Renewable Energy Sources

2018-2019 Mali: Demand forecasting in Bamako region- data collection

2018 Burkina Faso: Network and Storage Planning for Maximizing RES

2017 Guinea: Power evacuation study of 40MW and 80MW PV plant

2017 Mali : Power evacuation study of 40MW Salingué PV power plant

2016 Madagascar: Sustainable development and rural electrification 

2016 Cameroon: CAPP interconnection Master Plan

2014-2016 Algeria: Engineering of nine power plants – 65MW


Taric de Villers

Expert in Renewable Energy Technologies & Rural Electrification

 2017 – 2019 Kenya: Green MiniGrid Facility, IED

 2016 – 2018 Cambodia: Program Auditor for Green Microfinance Project (GMF), IED

2015 – 2017 Senegal: Implementation of Interconnected & Hybrid Photovoltaic plants & MG, ILF

2015 – 2018 Africa: Support to Water and Renewable Energy Projects in Africa through Microfinance, ENCLUDE

2016 – 2017 Philippines: Support to PV Mainstreaming Program (PVM), IED

2015 Mali: Evaluation and optimization of the design of solar power plants of Yeelen Kura, TTA

2014-2015 Burkina Faso: Assistance on Rural Electrification project implementation in ZIGA, SINCO

2014 Madagascar: Study on renewable energy supply for off-grid rural districts, 3E

2012 – 2015 Mauritania: Assistance on rural electrification project implementation (IPES RURAL), IED

2013 Mozambique/Mauritania: Training Workshop on Green Mini-Grids,IED

2013 Philippines, PRES solar and mini-grid project assessment, IED


Pierre-Antoine Mali

Expert in wind projects and rural electrification

Djibouti: Feasibility study of wind farm 20MW

Belgium: Study and development of wind farm GAROCENTRE

Belgium: Study and development of wind farm Courcelles

      Belgium: Evaluation of wind potential > 300 MW